Welcome fellow food lovers, or might I say gastronomes. As the term, ‘gastronome’, may raise an eyebrow, this simply means we embrace food. We long to enjoy food in all its dimensions: taste, texture, aroma and flavor. We eat not only to be healthy, but happy. Discovering new offerings at restaurants, or preparing a new recipe at home with your family and friends, we strive to make that experience one of a kind.

A gastronome is defined as a gourmet, a connoisseur of good food and drink, a lover of good food.We all approach gastronomy differently.  Our tastes and choices reflect who we are. A true gastronome might even say that our tastes and choices make us who we are.I believe my passion and purpose in life IS to enjoy whole, natural food; seasonally. Food is a basic necessity for life, as it nourishes, and sustains day in and day out. For those of us who completely embrace the concept of food, we draw to its vibrant colors and are eager to create an experience that our taste buds cherish.

In order to appreciate every bite, first we MUST live in the present.  This is a way of life I’ve been striving toward for the past couple years.  Trust me, it hasn’t been easy! However, I invite you to embrace the moment, indulge mindfully and savor every last morsel with me.  This blog will not only be a recipe collection, but will share the experiences I have with friends, family and by yours truly.  As you’ll quickly find out, I am not afraid to sit myself down on a barstool in a restaurant, whether it be fine dining or a corner downtown diner to enjoy a warm meal and a glass of wine. Fearlessly, putting yourself in a situation and letting things happen, brings you that much closer to a life in the present moment. Food makes it that much better. Welcome to my table!


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