Discovering North Carolina

Welcome to the page that entails everything ‘North Carolina’.

Throughout the next few months (and hopefully beyond) I have the wonderful opportunity to bring you along with me, in writing and photos of course, as I research the food culture of this fine state I now call home. This project is part of my graduate work, which includes researching three counties in the state and discovering what makes their food culture unique. This idea wasn’t my own, as I must give credit to the southern food blogger Elena Rosemond- Hoerr of Biscuits and Such who has so graciously let me contribute to her project Tasting North Carolina. Elena’s aim for the project is to celebrate the unique dishes of North Carolina’s 100 counties. The counties that I will be focusing on are Forsyth, Lenoir and Wake.

In order to properly research these counties, I will travel to the towns within and speak with natives, taste dishes from chefs of landmark restaurants who have been in business for generations and partake in the county’s food festivals as I explore the rich heritage. In discovering each county’s unique food culture and history, recipes will be developed and taste tested, multiple times I’m sure, to provide you with an exquisite, well researched dish that comprises the history and food culture of each of these three North Carolinian counties.

I invite you to come along with me and check back often over the next months as I take a few road trips and broaden my knowledge of this marvelous state!


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