Part 2 – Oregon Wine Tasting

In search of an urban winery, we googled ‘Portland wineries’ in Nicole’s neighborhood and found SouthEast Wine Collective. We walked into an eclectic tasting room, which essentially was a wine bar. The room had a glass window as a wall, to let wine tasters view the wine production first hand. Harvest time was in full swing and we were told the wine makers were making sure they planned their grape picking precisely. This winery was a collection of wine makers and growers from seven different vineyards around the Portland area. We met one of the co-owners and her adorable Labrador (Cass), who greeted everyone at the door. This “supervisor” even has a wine named after him, Red Collar Pinot Noir.



The wine menu featured an extensive variety of choices for the consumer. I was delighted to see I had the option of a ‘surprise’ flight of wine. I was quite intrigued by one Pinot Noir the bartender chose for me, as it was a wine from another winery in downtown Portland, Hip Chicks do Wine. This will be the next tasting room I will visit whenever I have the chance to travel back.The wine caught me off guard as it had an aroma of a distilled wine, such as Port or Sherry. The nose was magnificent. As I sipped, notes of black cherry and plums filled my mouth and left my taste buds wanting more.The tannins lingered long after.



As this trip came to a close, I left with a new appreciation for Oregon wines and the wine makers who work so diligently to make sure their wines turn out to be local and nationwide favorites. With multiple vineyards and tasting rooms just a few miles apart from each other, it gives visitors many opportunities to learn, smell and taste what makes a remarkable glass of wine. I’m happy I was able to share these experiences with a close friend and fellow gastronome.Thanks Nicole for your hospitality!




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