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I had the opportunity to spend a weekend with Elena in Wilmington, NC to discuss blog writing, food photography, recipe development and goals for my practicum project. We started out by visiting the Columbus County Community Farmers Market and stopped at Dale’s Seafood in Lake Waccamaw on the drive back. To my delight, this was the start of a summer filled with visiting small, local restaurants and trying the local cuisine such as steamed baby shrimp and hush puppies.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon and weekend we discussed many topics as I picked Elena’s brain to absorb all the knowledge I could and learn a few steps she took in becoming a successful food blogger. Below is a list of list of important and interesting tidbits of what I learned over the weekend. Talk about a motivating 24 hours! I walked away with pages of notes and a feeling of excitement and eagerness to dive into the project.

Blogging: How to connect further with readers and gain audience?

    • Stay consistent. Write quality posts on a regular basis.
      • Google will start to verify posts as current

Photography: How to photograph food?

      • Use angles and beauty from natural light and serving dish to form beauty
      • Move body around subject
      • Keep an eye out for dishes online/thrift stores/clearance
      • Paint foam board preferred color for backdrop
      • Using a phone’s camera (specifically iPhone 5) can work as well as a DSLR camera, mainly for convenience purposes
      • Use Instagram for process shots
      • Check out Photojojo for gifts & gear for photographers

Posting articles with pictures: How to size images and edit?

      • Make photos the same width website theme/template
      • Photoshop
      • Phone photo editing app: VSCO cam

Using Widgets and plug-ins in WordPress: Which to use?

      • Plug-in to easily print recipes: Shareaholic
      • Option for embedding Twitter feed

Using social media: what to post where?

      • Post different content on different platforms
      • Creating a voice within each will lead to more followers

Computer: Which to buy?

      • MacBook Pro with Retina

Promoting blog: How to choose business cards?

Recipe development: How to start?

      • Relate recipe back to personal life
      • Research basic recipes, experiment to make your own
      • Make recipe 1-2 times…or until satisfied
      • Follow other bloggers and read cookbooks and modify at least 2 ingredients to make it your own, credit original author for inspiration
      • Use Bloglovin’ to follow blogs
      • Use Flipboard to collect and save recipes by URL
      • Remember simplicity
      • Stay seasonal



6 thoughts on “Blog Writing 101

  1. Great post Heather! All awesome information and super applicable! I did want to mention though that I have an iPhone 5s and a DSLR and my DSLR kicks my iPhones butt any day of the week. Great for food photography, weddings, hiking and the good life – just my opinion tho!!

  2. I love your tips! I’ve had my food blog for approximately 10 months and I’ve learned a lot along the way. I started my blog to improve my studies in Mass Media outside of the college classroom. Through it I’ve learned social media, photography, cook techniques, web layout and so much more. I’ve always been convinced that even if I never develop a strong readership I can learn from running my blog and use it to be creative. I am completely obsessed with food, my family must patiently wait for supper as I walk outside with plate snapping photos, wiping edges of plates and other meticulous things. My favorite part about it all is seeing them enjoy the food itself! What can I say? I love food!

    • Thanks for the comment Allysia! I started this blog just over 7 months ago, what a journey it has been! I can definitely relate to your love of food blogging. Being a Registered Dietitian, my life evolves around food and this is a fantastic platform to be able to share my passion and creativity. I have learned so much about web design itself….as I needed to figure out how to use code to form bullet points for this post. What an adventure! Thanks again for your response, I look forward to your updates!

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