A Time to Reflect

Happy March 1st! This day brings me happiness and eagerness for the upcoming months, as highs today were in the 50’s in the lovely state of North Carolina. Bright sunshine and the sight of our first trees blooming brought a sigh of relief and reminded me of nature’s rhythm. Winter surely did a number on most of the country this year, and I think we are all a little more excited for the day we can let the fresh spring air into our homes with our windows wide open.


While the earth thaws and flowers start to peek their green tips through the soil, this is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the past months. The holidays allowed us to reunite with family and friends. The ice and snow storms gave us an appreciation for power, heat, and driving on dry roads. Perhaps our New Year’s goals have already been forgotten. Wouldn’t this be a marvelous time to re-visit our thoughts, dreams and wishes for the year?

As for myself, my semester of grad school has taken me into a whirlwind of writing, studying and test taking. Not only have I learned about nutrition metabolism, but I have learned how much time I previously spent doing other things: cooking, baking, blog writing, yoga, reading and the list goes on. I have come to realize, even more, the balance one needs in life. No matter what the situation, how busy we become, there is always time to take a few moments to ourselves.


With the temperatures increasing and days becoming longer, embrace the changing season and breathe. Even though spring isn’t officially here until mid-March, think of this month as a spring-cleaning for our minds and bodies. Take a walk during lunch and notice the daffodils, robins and smile as the sunshine warms your face. Start using your grill, buy the season’s first produce at your local market and take the time to appreciate new beginnings and new life. Reflect on the past, dream about the future, but most importantly, live in the present.



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